Welcome to my blog! My name is Grace and I just recently got married and graduated from Baylor University.  As you could probably already tell, my husband and I are embarking into a life in the ministry.  He is already pastoring a small rural church outside of Meridian, Texas, and we are both starting at Truett Seminary in August 2013.  For those of you not familiar with this corner of the world, this is no small feat.  In a small church, everyone has a job to do.  Personally, I play the piano during service and attempt not to embarrass myself at the church potlucks once a month with my so-so cooking.  Fortunately, the church has been very patient with both of us as we try to learn what exactly this job entails.  To add to all of this, we will both be working on our M.Div. degrees over the next several years.  My husband Aaron is focusing on missions and the global church while I work in Biblical languages.  Eventually we hope to end up working with the international church and Bible translation projects somewhere in the world.  This, too, is a whole new world to me.  What does it mean to be entering this world of Biblical academia?  How do I make that work since my husband is a pastor?  I hope you enjoy my musings as we set off on this journey!


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