I went on my first hospital visits a pastor’s wife today. Her name is Dorothy and she wins the award for oldest member of our church at 93 years young. She is an amazing lady who I never would have guessed was nearing 100 if she hadn’t told me. Unfortunately, her body is starting to remember how old she is.

As she and others were telling us about what the doctors have said and talking about what she would do when she came back to Spring Creek, I started to wonder. I primarily started to wonder where I would be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually if this was me and how similarly she saw the situation. And you know what? I have a confession to make. I would be praying for God to take me home. I don’t know if this is where she is or if that is even a prayer that is okay to pray, but she is in a lot of pain and is probably reaching the end of her life. As much as we would miss her, it is highly likely that the time is not far off.

In any case,I ask that you would pray for Dorothy. Pray for her health as well as the friends around her in this time.


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