The Old Church Ladies

Aaron and I went to church tonight at First Waco and sat at a table with some older ladies for dinner and pray meeting. Before too long, the ladies and I got talking about Vacation Bible School and Sunday School curriculum. My four years of experience was dwarfed by the 120 years of combined experience between the three ladies. They said that the ultimate mark that you are getting old is when you start teaching your former students’ grandchildren.

Megan, the girl who was my maid of honor in my wedding, and I joke about how someday we are going to be the old church ladies talking about days gone by. We laugh about it, but I wonder if this is actually something to aspire to. Yes, we picture this group of ladies as the people throwing bridal showers, catching up on church gossip, and organizing meals to take to families. But, I think these ladies have done more than that. Can you imagine how many lives they have touched as the teacher of three generations of a family? How many stories do they have of Gods’s continuing faithfulness as they were faithful to him?

So, although I’m sure they all will admit that they love putting together things like bridal showers, I think we need to work on not taking for granted the work that this generation had taken part in through teaching our kids about their Savior.


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